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Discover the collection of Catherine's homemade desserts

Colorful Macarons


Macarons have always been to-go baked dessert of Catherine, the sweetness of  macarons together with the richness of a cup of tea is always the best way to add a little flavor to your busy life

Catherine's Macarons are authentic homemade with passion, using natural ingredients and "not too sweet" than its original recipe to suit the taste of Asians.


French Macaroons

One of the best macarons we have eaten. Flavourful, not too sweet and seller is prompt with replies. Will definitely order again!

Raspberry Macaroons

Love Catherine’s macarons! It’s super pretty and delicious at the same time. Love how chewy it is!! Can’t wait to buy more

French Macaroons

Great place to get your macarons! Love the texture which is chewy and delicious! Filling is good as well! Would highly recommend to get it from Catherine's Macarons! Super good deal as well!

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